This platform allows you to build your Alumni Website with Alumni Connect, enabling Alumni Worldwide to connect with each other and to their schools.colleges. Enables them to create local Events and Meetup Group and make it more interactive with LIVE discussions and comments. The platform enables to display most recent discussions going on within different events/groups/forum. This also displays the most latest updates and News broadcast by Alumni association. This enables you to find a group of alumni based on their year of graduation, city , state , country.

This platform enables the Alumni association and executive committee to create various Events and Discussion Forum which allows alumni in different parts of the world to join those events and give their contributions.

Admin Panel (CMS – Content Management System) – Key feature of this platform allows the admin of the website to customize the content of the website dynamically . This allows admin to post quick updates, News, create New Events and Forum, Create New Photo Galleries , Upload photos to existing galleries. send bulk email and notifications etc.

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