How we do


Our Web Site Design and Development Process:

1)*Requirement Gathering and Analysis
2)*Design Specifications
3)*Design, Development Implementation
4)*Testing and Verification
5)*Evaluation and Maintenance

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

According to Technologixs, this is the most important phase of the software development,understanding what our client needs. Sometimes we meet people or businesses who know what and how they want.But there are many instances when we meet people who are just not so familiar with web/internet/software stuff. There comes our role , where we guide our client of what they need. Sometimes their need can be just fulfilled with static website, sometimes they need dynamic web application with database backend. Sometimes their requirement can be met with Open Source Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress,Joomla etc and sometimes we need to develop a custom platform using Microsoft technologies like , MVC, Sql server etc for them. The time , money and complexity involved in developing a software/web application/website is dependent on all the factors explained above. So first our clients needs to understand what they want and with our knowledge /experience and technology background we help them make a decision of what they need and then we do the requirement analysis of things need to be done to finish the task.

Design Specifications

Once Technologixs understand what the client requires, there comes the time when Technologixs comes up with different possible options available to do the task based on client’s budget and timeline. We try to give a wireframe / prototype with minimum functionality which helps the client with how it will look once it is completed. We also suggest which developement technologies will be best for them,like Static site , Dynamic website with Database backend, open source CMS like wordpress or custom platform to suit their needs. This phase outlines a solution based on target audience, Its purpose and goal.

Design, Development Implementation

Once the client goes through the wireframes and prototype we have given and if they are satisfied with our approach and approves those protoypes, Technologixs proceeds to the next phase of coding and implementation. During this phase Technologixs keeps in mind of all the most current industry standards of coding,proper comments and documentations to make it more understandable . Technologixs always keep in mind the deadline to finish the work and our deadlines to finish the project is very realisticly based on standard Project Management skills.


Accoding to Technologixs this is again a very important phase where we verify that the solution we are giving to the client is exactly meeting our clients’s expectations. We do a very rigorous testing with the possible scenarios and try to make it a robust and error free solution. We keep in mind the our solution doesnt have any security threats.


This is the phase which stands “Technologixs” out of the crowd. We are always there to support our clients to help with any support they need. We work with our client to resolve any defects or any unexpected scenarios that they never thought of before and provide full support to handle such kind of issue. We donot just develop software ,we build Relationships with our clients.